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Effortlessly gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire cloud bill.
Detect all Unused, Underutilized and misconfigured resource, drive costs down easily.
Save money and time. Way before finance asks for it.
Detect, troubleshoot, prioritize and reduce costs - with all the context.



Faster troubleshoot and respond times

“DevOps cycles that were previously wasted on figuring out resource costs and finding unused resources are now spent on business related tasks “

DevOps Manager
Communication Company
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Lower cost vs alternatives

“Getting a complete understanding of our cost structure was a game changer. Reducing our OPEX with better insights made the switch a no-brainer for us.”

Director of Infrastructure
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Connect all AWS accounts

"We immediately got a deep understanding of our AWS costs brake-out and were able to instantly reduce costs, facilitate cross-functional collaboration and foster shared responsibilities.”

Head of DevOps
Travel Company

With native and legacy cloud cost management tools, you are missing one critical aspect:

The context of your environment.

Existing solutions (native tools and legacy FinOps vendors) completely miss the context of resources in your environment. Making your DevOps and platform teams waste valuable cycles understanding your AWS bill and how costs build up.

We can only optimize what we fully understand.

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See how cloud configuration affects cost and find optimization opportunities.
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Resource Information Panel

Don’t let unused assets and misconfigurations drain your budget.

Instantly detect saving opportunities, unused and underutilized resources.

Kosto detects misconfigured and unused resources across the entire AWS stack as well as finds underutilized Compute and DB resources.

aws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused nat gatewaysaws unused ebsaws data transfer costsaws underutilized ec2aws unused resourcesaws unused resourcesaws unused resources
who, what, when
Effortlessly identify the individual responsible for a particular modification or the appropriate person to engage for efficient troubleshooting or optimization purposes.
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Data Transfer costs?

We got you covered.

Kosto attributes traffic logs to all resources in the path, easily understand how data transfers costs are accumulated.
aws data transfer costs

Easily detect the source of cross AZ & Region costs. place your resources according to your application behavior.

Built in anomaly detection engine generates alerts if there are unexpected spikes in costs.

Unlike other solutions, kosto alerts on the specific resource that spiked and supplies the necessary context surrounding the incident, enabling you to take prompt action.

In just minutes, you can achieve a comprehensive understanding of your AWS bill, lower expenses and distribute accountability.
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